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Apple Advertising Beats Music To New iOS Users Apple News 

Apple Advertising Beats Music To New iOS Users

Apple Advertising Beats Music To New iOS Users

When users first open the App Store on the iOS platform, Apple features some of its own apps to users such as iLife and iWork. Now that Beats Music and Beats Electronics are part of the Apple family, the Beats Music app is appearing on the Apple Apps list as well Beats Music is currently the last entry, and has the description of “listen to music that’s always right for you.”

Apple Advertising Beats Music To New iOS Users

Beats Music seen in the Apple Apps section of the App Store for new iOS users or when a clean iOS 7 restore is performed.

By hitting Download All, you will get the Beats Music app alongside the other Apple apps. This is of course a way for Apple to dramatically increase adoption of the music service and advertise it to almost every new iOS user. The message will also show up with you do a clean restore of iOS 7 on the iPhone or iPad.

While other apps are free (except for GarageBand’s in-app purchases,) Beats Music is a monthly subscription service. Putting it on this list is a marketing maneuver, and could indicate that Apple is planning an even bigger push for Beats by the holiday season, maybe to complement its new hardware,

As a side-note, iOS 8 installations do not have the Beats Music app show up in this list. However, expect it to show up when iOS 8 is publicly released. As well, Apple doesn’t yet list the Beats Music app in the ‘Apps Made by Apple’ section in the App Store homepage.


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