iOS 14 

Best iOS Widget You MUST Install

One of the best iOS widgets you must install is finally here. The widget goes by the name of Smart Battery. This widget has a lot of different uses.

Best iOS Widget You MUST Install

Firstly, you can see how long your battery will last depending on your usage. The usage is very specific and shows that if you use a specific app for the rest of the battery life your phone will last for a specific amount of time. In addition, there is an iPhone storage portion that shows how much storage you have if you were to download a specific item. For example, you have a certain amount of storage for this number of songs, or apps, etc. The best part of about this iOS widget is that there is a variety of different widget sizes that are available. Those are the reasons why this is the best iOS widget and you must install it.

Be sure to watch the video above made by Applecritcs and comment below on your experience with the Best iOS Widget that you must install!

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