iPad OS 13.5 Released What’s New

iPad OS 13.5 Released What’s New It’s Apple critics from Applecritics.com. In this video gonna be showing you the latest and greatest iPad OS that goes by the name of iPad OS 13.5. So Apple just released it today and I’m super excited to see what it has to offer. And in this video I’m gonna be showing you why you should go ahead and upgrade to iPad OS 13.5. So to start off what we’re gonna do is go into settings, and then once you’re in settings you’re gonna…

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iPad OS 13.4 What's New iPad OS iPad Pro 

iPad OS 13.4 What’s New

iPad OS 13.4 What’s New iPad OS 13.4 is finally here and it comes with many great features! Firstly, it is compatible for all the iPads that can run iPad OS 13 and above. This is a massive update to put it in simple terms. It includes mouse/trackpad support and the software update is 1.05 GB. You can plug in a USB or connect with a bluetooth mouse. Once connected, you can control all the features of the iPad and it basically treats the iPad like a desktop computer. You…

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