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iPad OS 13.4 What’s New

iPad OS 13.4 What’s New

iPad OS 13.4 is finally here and it comes with many great features! Firstly, it is compatible for all the iPads that can run iPad OS 13 and above. This is a massive update to put it in simple terms. It includes mouse/trackpad support and the software update is 1.05 GB. You can plug in a USB or connect with a bluetooth mouse. Once connected, you can control all the features of the iPad and it basically treats the iPad like a desktop computer. You can hover over apps and right click to 3d touch and click on the battery for control center and click on the time for the notification drawer.

iPad OS 13.4 What's New
iPad OS 13.4 What’s New

The Magic Trackpad 2 functionality alone is a reason to upgrade. There is many custom gestures that you can perform using the trackpad such a s two finger swipe to the left or right to go to the previous page. In addition, you can pinch to zoom on a timeline in Garageband and it will give you more options.

With Keyboard access you can control your iPad using keyboard shortcut. For example, tab and then s will bring up siri. Tab c will bring up control center.

These are just a few of the great features that were added in iPad OS 13.4 be sure to watch the video for the complete walkthrough.

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